What is the Judgment Seat®?

It is the production of a dramatic play with live scenes. These scenes are meant to be representations of real people, making real choices that will affect their lives for all eternity. Each year has a different topic, different decisions, but all the decisions have the same outcome… Judgment.

This year will be bigger and better than ever and we hope that you will plan to be present

October 30 – November 2, 2017

The group reservation hotline will open September 18, 2017

Age Recommendations

The Judgment Seat is a great, life changing tool, but it is not for everyone.
The subject matter is relevant to the current day and age, but can be frightening for some individuals (particularly young children). Typically we have recommended that people use personal discretion when bringing children to this event.

Age recommendation is no one under 10 years of age participate. We are willing to work with couples with children to put you in 2 different showings to allow one person to attends while the other stays with the children and then switch so that the other may sit with the children. We will not forbid you from bringing children to this production, as this is just a recommendation. We are aware that some children are more mature and can handle this content.