Reservation Status Page

This year, we once again have a online reservations form Also, we have a dedicated hotline. This hotline has a dedicated voicemail box and will be manned during the actual event.

The Phone Number is (256) 286-0509

When calling to make reservations, please leave the following:

Your name

Your group name

The following phone numbers: Daytime, Evening, Cell

Relevant information about your group and preferred date


2017 Current Reservations and Openings

WALK-UPS (those without reservations) ARE WELCOME AT ANY TIME DURING THE JUDGMENT SEAT OPERATING HOURS.  If time is an issue and you are afraid that you will not make it in to the show of your choice, please be aware of our VIP program.  You can arrive as late as 5 minute prior to the show (though not recommended), walk-up, and be seated in the front of the auditorium.   


100 total people can reserve per performance. Once a cap of 100 is reached, you must choose another performance for your group.


Monday (10/30):

6:15 Production (No more group reservations)

  • Community Church
  • Huntsville Park
  • Life Church
  • Riverside
  • Hartselle Church of the Nazarene
  • Mt View Baptist
  • Bible Church of God
  • Brandi Brith Group


8:15 Production (33 Group Slots Remain Open)

  • Somerville Baptist
  • Life Church


Tuesday (10/31):

6:15 Production (80 Group Slots Remain Open)

  • Enon Baptist
  • Bethlehem Baptist


8:15 Production (100 Group Slots Remain Open)

  • open


Wednesday (11/1):

Increased group capacity available for Wednesday Night as reflected below. 

6:15 Production (No More Group Reservations)

  • No Fences
  • Flint
  • Rock Springs
  • Ryan
  • Mt Hope
  • Berea
  • Old Brashiers
  • God’s Way
  • Trinity
  • West Huntsville
  • Valhermoso


8:15 Production (85 Group Slots Remain Open)

  • Oak Park
  • Crossroads
  • Inner Peace Tabernacle
  • Eternal Life Ministries


Thursday (11/2):

6:15 Production (No More Group Reservations)

  • Bethlehem
  • Christ Fellowship
  • Tunsel Road
  • Risen Church
  • New Freedom