The Judgement Seat 25 Logo
We are so excited that for 25 years we have been able to present the Judgment Seat to almost 45,000 people. We founded this ministry 29 years ago and took a break for a few years when our church went through a building project. 3 years ago we switched from a walk-through presentation to a massive stage presentation. Through this new format, God has allowed us to have an even greater impact.

This year, we hope to present the biggest and best presentation to date as we celebrate 25 years of Judgment Seat. We are going to try to pull out some old memories to show you from years past as you wait for your show and set the bar high as we move forward into another 25 years. God has been good in allowing us to present the Judgment Seat and we hope to share His love with you in a powerful way once again this year.

We hope to see you at The Judgment Seat 2016 this year!