A friend of mine who is the youth minister at Cave Spring sent this to me yesterday and I asked if I could share this on our website.  Here you go…


I realize this may not reach you in the next few days since you’re crazy busy or weeks since you’ll probably hibernate afterwards but I just wanted to say thanks for running Judgment Seat and having Cave Spring out last night.

Something very special happened for us last night and I think Judgment Seat played a big part in making it “click” for one of our students. About a year & a half ago some very good friends of ours that attend our church, the Frye family began the process of adopting Laura, a 15 year old girl from Latvia. Laura came on a 5 week summer visit with the Frye family and was adopted soon afterwards in October of last year. The thing is, she turned 16 in October and had her paperwork not been completed prior to her birthday she would have been kicked out of the system with very little money or education. The life she was facing was brutal at best. No hope of anything and would have probably been forced into human trafficking or sex slavery which is very common in Eastern Europe. Her idea of church or religion was not good. The main religion in Latvia is Greek Orthodox. The Churches over there look like palaces but did nothing for the least of these, the poor, sick, orphaned or widowed.
We began praying for her the moment we knew about her in the spring of 2011, that she would be able to come to America and be saved from the unthinkable lifestyle in Latvia and especially that she would come to know Christ and be saved spiritually also. She did not really believe in God or like the idea of Jesus, rejecting the gospel presentation in what seems like now, over 100 different occasions in the year & a half that we’ve known her. But yesterday was different. She was visibly bothered at the end of Judgment seat and her parents spoke to her afterwards at home. She had questions, which her parents answered while explaining the plan of salvation but wasn’t quite ready to commit her life to Christ before bed. Her mother tucked her in and left the room to complete some things around the house. She returned to Laura’s room to find that she was awake and Laura exclaimed in her heavy Latvian accent “I AM SO HAPPY! I HAVE GOOD NEWS! I AM A CHRISTIAN!”
Needless to say this is the work of many who prayed and showed her the love of Christ but I’d like to say thanks for what you and Shiloh do with Judgment Seat. Stuff like this is what makes doing youth ministry awesome.

In Christ Alone,
Josh Boyd
Youth Pastor
Cave Spring Baptist Church